DEGEN is a craft centered lifestyle brand created by designer Lindsay Degen in 2010. Making garments slowly, by hand, is an essential practice to ensure ethical and sustainable manufacturing and to maintain a high level of craft. Since then, DEGEN has shown consistently at NYFW and collaborated with household brands such as Converse, MARKET, Braindead, and Todd Selby. DEGEN sells ready made apparel, knitting patterns + knitting tools to inspire all knitting enthusiasts.

In 2017 DEGEN welcomed its first sub brand to the squad- FACEVESSEL. FACEVESSEL is a collection of hand blown glass by Neal Drobnis. The brand is sold globally at the finest retailers.

In 2022 DEGEN started an online knitting community called KNIT.club where the internet’s coolest knitters gather. If you are a knitter of any level, join us!