End of Year Reflections

End of Year Reflections

As the year comes to an end its really easy for me to fixate on all of the goals that I did not quite hit or milestones we didn't achieve. I suppose this post will be about acknowledging those things up front but then spending more time on the things I am proud that we achieved this year. I really was hoping to hit 30k followers on insta, that it would come quicker, that I would stop comparing myself to other designers. I was really hoping to have transitioned to full time self employment but I guess I was scared.  And I know that I should have released 12 patterns this year. But with that out of the way-- and hopefully not for the sake of the pity party but maybe so that you reading can have a little self sadness togetherness with me---there is a whole lot I am proud of.

DEGEN x Loop London

The year started off with a lovely email from Susan of Loop London, a shop I visited as a student, seeing if collaboration was in the cards.  We spent the first half of the year developing two lovely patterns: The Two of Daisies Scarflette + the Six of Daisies Cardigan.  These two patterns ended up being my top selling patterns of the year and I am so proud of them.  I even celebrated their launch in London.

Another personal victory was releasing the Think Tank pattern- I really struggle with summer patterns.  I am all in for sweater weather year round.

DEGEN Think Tank Pattern

This year was the first year we participated in the Field and Supply markets in the Spring and Fall. It was really rewarding to see the reception of our re-vamped ready to wear collection.  The Hole Sweater really had a beautiful moment in both pattern and RTW world.

DEGEN Hole Sweater

One of my favorite times of the year is always Rhinebeck but this year was especially fun because of the company. I got to spend some time with Casey (Portfiber), Rachel + Martha (Ritual Dyes), Amy Cakes, Shelli Can, and Caitlin Hunter (Boyland Knits).  It was so nice to be in community with other makers to share in some fun, food, and industry talk.  

Rhinebeck Crew

Other notable releases were- of course the Ebbets Field KNIT hats (next release is February 2024), the LYOA scarf and sweater, the 'LAC Along, and the Ali Forney Center Raffle. 

I hope you had a rewarding year and that you can look past any obstacles and onto the successes.  Thank you for being here and happy holidays. Cheers to a little rest and then an amazing 2024- the year of our physical store location opening ;)

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