Valentines Day Collection

Valentines Day Collection

To me Valentines Day is much more about celebrating all of the types of love in my life than hyper fixating on romantic love specifically. In a way, I sort of treat it like New Years reflections. It's nice to take stock of all of your relationships that are meaningful and to celebrate those relationships. I am of course grateful for the love and support of my partner but also grateful for the friendly love and kindness of the people who work at the UPS store that I see every day. I have never known love like my love for my dog Toad and also would not be able to keep on going without my friends. Close ones and less close ones - internet friends and IRL friends. So although its just a Hallmark holiday, I still find meaning in it and thought we should celebrate with a collection.

Bryan Hansen Jewelry

DEGEN x Bryan Hansen Stitch Markers // Progress Keepers are back in 10k Gold and Silver. These are a great self gift or gift to a lover as they double as charms. All of them are a beautiful sand casted texture and are hinged so that they can easily be removed from a project and put back on a necklace or clipped onto your scissors. The small stone ones are double sided and feature either an opal or turquoise on both sides.

DEGEN x Bryan Hansen Silver Dagger Stitch Marker

Another addition for this Valentines Day drop will be red and pink scissors, some in  established favorite Circle Scissors and Flower Power Scissors shapes, but also now a new shape- the Little Gem.

Little Gems Scissors

Little Gems are so so tiny and perfect for traveling.  They come in my favorite color- a beautiful red- orange, perfect for the occasion.  I held one of these to the side for my own kit because I love them so much.  

 DEGEN Socks

 And maybe the coziest gift of Made in America socks are back.  

Perhaps the best gift of all is time- time you can spend with eachother or on yourself but if gifting is your love language, we have a lovely curation that will arrive in time for Valentines Day.

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